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Partnering for perfection in motor vehicle title processing

How do you ensure that your interests in motor vehicle collateral are protected? This is a question that lenders grapple with every day. But the magnitude of the problem may be greater than you think. Do you know that between 25%-40% of motor vehicle liens can go unperfected? The reasons range from the inherent complexity of different DMV requirements to the practice of asking customers to file their own titles. The reality is that too many lenders operate without full visibility into what’s needed and leave too much to chance. They simply lack the specialized knowledge and capabilities that ensure better results. 

Lien Solutions can help you: 

  • Eliminate guesswork and save time 
  • Get accurate costs in advance for taxes and fees 
  • Know exactly what documents are required 
  • Streamline workflow
  • Convert estimates to orders with a single click
  • Eliminate the need to re-key data
  • Gain efficiency as our experts complete and submit all paperwork
  • Issue checks to the various government agencies 
  • Obtain quicker completion and fewer rejections 
  • Access our comprehensive dashboard 
  • View your entire portfolio across all states
  • See images of completed transactions 

iLien Motor Vehicle provides lenders with the end-to-end solutions they need to simplify the unnecessarily complicated process of title perfection. 

Download our flyer today to learn more about our services. 

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