Tax & AccountingMay 05, 2021

5 Ways Workflow Automation Supports Firm Goals


Every accounting firm has a unique definition of business success. Some firms prioritize their profit margin, choosing to accept fewer clients — clients who require more complex and specialized work and support higher margins. Other firms may focus on quantity. Their goal becomes churning through client work as quickly as possible, with the smallest possible staff. Yet other firms may focus on a single niche with specialized legal and regulatory requirements, establishing themselves as the subject matter experts in that type of work. Regardless of the business model, each firm has a common desire to complete each engagement with the perfect balance of quality, productivity, and staffing to achieve their goals. To achieve these goals, firms need an optimized workflow that promotes peak efficiency while supporting client visibility.

Modern firms know that optimized workflows make for a more efficient and productive workforce supporting firm growth and profitability goals. Unfortunately, creating efficiencies and promoting productivity doesn’t happen by accident. It requires strategy and planning to make the changes that support firm goals. In this eBook, we’ll talk about five changes you can make to support your firm’s business goals by creating efficiencies and increasing productivity.

  • Rethink Your Routing Sheets
  • Minimize Email Fatigue
  • Create Consistent, Repeatable Processes
  • Drive Decisions with Dashboards
  • Promote Accountability through Visibility

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