Start with a strong foundation

While developing medication databases and picklists within EMRs or order entry systems seems like a critical step in improving patient safety, many health systems struggle to obtain the right information required to build these resources in a way that works for them. Medi-Span helps you establish that strong foundation with the content to build a drug database and picklists to help reduce entry errors and aid in reporting standardization.

Why Medi-Span?

Our drug database files provide prescription and over-the-counter drug product data, including:

  • Drug name
  • Strength
  • Therapeutic class
  • Drug pricing
  • National Drug Code (NDC) or Canadian Drug Identification Number (DIN)
  • Our proprietary Generic Product Identifier (GPI)
  • And more!

Core drug databases

  • Medi-Span Electronic Drug File (MED-File) v2

    This foundational drug database is the basis for all other Medi-Span content and provides a codified drug dictionary, drug vocabulary, and drug pricing for prescription drugs and medication-based over-the-counter products in the United States.

    • For hospitals, retail pharmacies, payers and drug manufacturers, this database:
      • Provides information to support medication prescribing, medication profiling, clinical screening, pricing research and more
      • Simplifies the process of generic product substitutions
      • Helps increase efficiency by providing quick access to pricing information
    • Flexible options of MED-File are available to meet your needs. Options include:
      • Basic:
        • Product names, dose form, route of administration, strength, ingredients
        • Proprietary drug identifiers, including Generic Product Identifier (GPI), Drug Descriptor Identifier (DDID), and Generic Product Packaging Code (GPPC)
        • Data Definition Language (DDL) to facilitate table creation during development
      • Clinical:
        • Basic elements, plus drug name concepts at multiple levels of specificity to support clinicians at different stages in their workflow and detailed ingredient level data
      • Pricing:
        • Basic elements, plus unit and package pricing for multiple drug price types including Average Wholesale Price (AWP), Wholesale Acquisition Price (WAC), Direct Price (DP), Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, Federal Upper Limit (CMS FUL), Average Average Wholesale Price (AAWP), Generic Equivalent Average Price (GEAP)
      • Complete:
        • A combination of all the elements from the basic, clinical, and pricing options
  • Canadian Drug File v2

    This file provides a codified drug dictionary and drug vocabulary for prescription and medication-based over-the-counter products to support users in the Canadian healthcare market. This core drug information database is the foundation for all other Medi-Span content. The drug products included cover a broad spectrum of pharmaceutical drug products, chemicals, OTC products, devices, supplies and related items.


Picklists, also known as drop-down menus, are universally known in EMR and order entry systems. While they save time and can reduce some errors by replacing hand-written notes, they have also created new types of medication errors attributable to poor design, implementation and/or system configuration. Medi-Span has the datasets you need to help enhance the precision and reduce errors in your picklists.
  • Medical Condition Picklist File
    • Selecting a diagnosis or medical condition to enter into a patient’s medical record or add to their problem list isn’t always as simple, clear and efficient as it seems. Poorly maintained home-grown lists or those that lack user-friendly terminology further complicate the process
    • The Medical Condition Picklist File provides concise, targeted, user-friendly lists from which to select a patient’s disease/condition/diagnosis for addition to the medical record, helping reduce the likelihood for “free text” entries that contain misspellings and/or are not represented in standard disease classification systems
    • This file requires the Medical Conditions Master Database file as a companion solution. The Medical Conditions Master Database file helps you build smart picklists with a structured, flexible medication conditions vocabulary
  • Allergen Picklist File
    • Selection of the correct allergen to add to a patient’s profile can be time-consuming, as well as confusing, if your entry system is not configured correctly. Brand names, generic names, drug names with salt forms and some drug names without them all need to be entered and built into a list that professionals can quickly and easily use to select appropriate allergens for their patients’ records
    • This file helps make appropriate allergens available for selection in drop-down application menus by simplifying the process of identifying which allergens to display. Our pre-composed lists help save you time when building your system’s picklist functionality, and offerings also include food and environmental allergens that are commonly encountered in medical practice
    • This file provides the list of allergen classes, ingredients, and selected product trade (brand) names that Medi-Span recommends be a part of an allergen picklist to help facilitate their addition of a patient’s reported drug allergies to the medical record and the subsequent of patient drug allergies. It also provides pharmacogenomics terms to support drug-to-disease contraindication screening based on genetic variation
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