Leverage your data to better optimize medication alerts

When it comes to the data used for clinical drug screening, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. Healthcare organizations need the power to customize their configurations in order to enable automated clinical screening that maps to their systems, processes, and needs. We provide the tools, drug data, and expert support you need to make sure you can manage your clinical alerts the way you want.

Making drug alerts more relevant for care providers and patients

The high volume of medication alerts and pop-ups often frustrates healthcare professionals, causing them to bypass or completely ignore alerts, hurting patient care. Command Center helps customers take greater control and more easily manage their drug alerts. It provides a single online hub that allows you to customize your clinical drug alerts according to your organization’s unique needs. Command Center provides a set of tools for querying, reviewing, testing, and customizing Medi-Span clinical drug alerts to help healthcare professionals combat alert fatigue.

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Increase the relevance of alerts
Tailor alert sets for specific groups of users that you designate. Customize alerts by facility, department, or even at an individual user level.

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Support alert-driven decisions
Link directly to medication monographs from alert messages, helping you efficiently research treatment or medication-related questions while you are making decisions based on those alerts.

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Monitor your alerts and make adjustments over time
Query alert data to better understand alerts in your system and assess their relevance to users.

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Test alert scenarios
Simulate real patient scenarios to better understand how alerts will appear before going live. Easily review specific alerting scenarios using dummy patient information, medication profiles and condition lists.

Embedded drug data and clinical screening modules to support appropriate medication prescribing
Organizations use Medi-Span® drug data and clinical screening modules to support appropriate medication decisions, and to help reduce prescribing errors by optimizing alert systems.
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