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Engaging patients to take an active role in their own healthcare is challenging.

UpToDate® Patient Engagement solutions (formerly Emmi), provides your clinical teams with the tools to engage and educate patients beyond the clinic, at scale. Our engagement solutions combine a unique blend of human-centered design and behavioral science, backed by one of the most trusted names in healthcare. Our programs offer multimodal content through omnichannel delivery and can be integrated into EHRs, websites, patient portals, and other ecosystems.

Explore how you can engage and educate patients to partner with them to achieve better health outcomes.

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Cleveland Clinic cuts in half avoidable repeat colonoscopies through patient engagement. Patients who engaged with programs were nearly 50% less likely to need a repeat endoscopy within three years than those who did not.

Source: Rizk et al, AJM, Vol. 129, Issue 11, 2016.

Engaging and educating patients for better outcomes

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