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Medi-Span Price Rx is the industry's leading online drug pricing reference and analytical tool designed to help meet the demanding requirements of healthcare businesses. It provides quick access to widely used Medi-Span drug pricing content, plus analysis tools to help you strengthen your business decisions.

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98% of users report they are overall satisfied with Price Rx
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Trusted drug pricing data when and how you need it

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Trusted content

Have confidence in our data – it’s consistently the choice of prominent healthcare companies in the PBM, retail pharmacy, EMR, health insurance, and financial services industries

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Ease of use, speed and efficiency

Turnkey solution allows you to access pricing data without additional IT setup — and that enables you to search by manufacturer, trade and generic name, NDC, UPC, HRI, USC, or the Medi-Span generic product identifier (GPI) therapeutic classification system

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Quality and depth of data

  • Drug pricing information that is unbiased and delivered at an unmatched pace ensures you have the relevant information you are seeking.

  • Price Rx provides new and historical pricing data for more than 180,000 active and inactive drug products and pricing for a large list of benchmarks including AWP, ASP, DP, NADAC, WAC, ACA FUL, and Weighted Average AMP.

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World-class customer service

  • Price Rx requires no implementation – you can just hop on the internet and log in to your subscription
  • If you have any questions – we’re standing by, ready to offer attentive, personalized assistance

What do our customers say about Price Rx?

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  • Depth of data
  • A must for product launches
  • More productivity
  • Have confidence and support
  • Ease of use
  • An essential tool
  • Best customer service
“Price Rx is my ‘go-to’ source when I really need to drill into the pricing information. Other tools that we use don't seem to have the same depth.”
Marketing Professional from a Top 20 Generic Manufacturer
Having constantly updated data on competitive products allows us to make pricing and launch decisions quickly and confidently.
Data Analyst from a Pharmaceutical Consulting Company
I find Price Rx to be extraordinarily useful when it comes to updating or verifying NDCs. Being able to search by generic, trade or ingredient is a great feature. The streamlined search process keeps me moving and productive!
Manager of Clinical Systems at a Hospital
Medi-Span is easy to work with. The people there are easy to communicate with,” says a representative from Larken Laboratories, adding that the business’s leaders feel “confident” Price Rx information is timely and relevant
Kay Ciarletta, Compliance and Returns Manager Larken Laboratories
Larken Labs selected Price Rx over other pricing resources because the company felt it was the easiest to use.
Kay Ciarletta, Compliance and Returns Manager Larken Laboratories
We consider Medi-Span Price Rx an essential drug price reference and analysis tool. It provides us with up-to-date pricing, a trusted and commonly used drug product classification system, easy-to-use price analysis tools, and timely email data change alerts.
Vice President Managed Health Care at Meda Pharmaceuticals
The best thing about Medi-Span Price Rx is the people behind the data and software. The customer support department is responsive, thorough, and a pleasure to work with. Meanwhile, the development team is continually updating and improving the product based on customer feedback.
Pharmacist from Pharmacy Healthcare Solutions, Inc.

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