Drug pricing data and analysis drives critical business decisions

Whether you’re benchmarking prices for reimbursements, monitoring prices to inform the positioning of a new product, or anything in between, you need the latest drug pricing data to inform your business decisions. Medi-Span provides timely drug pricing data in the format of your choice—easy-lookup online reference or embedded databases—so that you can make drug-related decisions confidently.

We focus on delivering the latest drug pricing data, so you can focus on what you do best

Top industry players rely on Medi-Span for leading pricing benchmark data points to help them remain competitive, analyze the market, and stay ahead of new trends. We deliver timely updates of pricing data through our long-standing relationships with pharmaceutical manufacturers and round out this information with pricing benchmark data that is less biased because it is published independently under our proprietary editorial policies.

To align with the diverse needs across industries, we offer flexible delivery of pricing data so that it can fit seamlessly into your team’s workflow.

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Referential data that lets healthcare professionals and consultants look up answers on your own, anytime and from any device

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Embedded data that can be integrated into your existing healthcare systems or processes

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  • Consistent pricing data
  • Monitor your markets
  • Premium data sets not typically available
It is the source for the benchmark prices consistently used in the PBM industry and the tool we use to hold PBMs accountable to their pricing promises to our employers.
Insurance company senior actuarial consultant
The relevant and extensive pricing data allows us to effectively monitor our markets and help plan our pricing strategy.
Chief Commercial Officer from a biopharmaceutical company
Only reliable published resource for (manufacturer-provided) AWP. (Medi-Span proprietary) GPI is therapeutic classification system of choice. It is very enabling, as clinical management rules are easily articulated.
Chief Pharmacy Officer from a PBM
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