Smart data is the right medicine for your members’ health and your bottom line

The sheer amount of data required to support healthcare business and medication safety decisions is impossible for one person, or even one organization, to wrangle. Medi-Span drug data from Wolters Kluwer streamlines valuable content and decision support functionality into robust and intelligent databases and integrated tools that can be used throughout your organization to educate, alert, and support faster, better-informed decision making.

Drug data at work every day
PBMs and payers are using Medi-Span content for drug descriptive data, therapeutic classification systems, drug pricing data…the basic backbones of their systems. But depending on your goals and business needs, here are some ways Medi-Span can help you:

Wolters Kluwer solutions are trusted in the market

17 out of 20 of the top-grossing PBMs and 95% of the 20 top health insurance companies use our drug data to adjudicate claims, maintain their formularies, and access their member population
  • Provides confidence
Even in an era where data abounds, there is a terrific amount of uncertainty. People want confidence that what they are seeing is (based on) real (manufacturer-provided information)—Medi-Span provides that confidence.
Health plan executive
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