Unlock the potential of your healthcare industry equity research and financial analysis

Analyzing the risks and benefits of investments in a pharmaceutical or biotech company requires access to a variety of current data on drug products, pricing, prescription volume, market competition, and more. Medi-Span Price Rx from Wolters Kluwer is an efficient, effective resource that offers a broad spectrum of financial institutions drug pricing data and analytical tools that help enhance equity research and streamline processes that keep you on the leading edge of financial markets.

Let’s do a risk-benefit analysis 
Access to current drug data can be the difference between quickly and efficiently evaluating an investment opportunity or not being prepared for the moment when it arises. A subscription to Price Rx Pro includes:

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More detailed product and release data than other widely published resources

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Daily content updates and email alerts

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More than a dozen pricing types, including top benchmarks

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Customized reports on key topics that drive your research

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  • Would losing Price Rx make your job more difficult? 
[When asked if losing Price Rx would make the job more difficult:] Yessirree! It’s the best drug pricing database out there. It’s very clean and easy to use, reliable. I use it for WAC pricing, both absolute and growth. It’s my go-to source for drug pricing.
Salim Syed

Using Price Rx for equity research vs. using less-detailed resources

Examine product pricing/volume to evaluate investment opportunity
Without Price Rx:
Analyze script volume
With Price Rx:
  • Determine unique brands
  • Evaluate competitive products
  • Compare a variety of price points and reimbursement benchmarks
  • Access widely accepted sources of WAC and AWP pricing data
Simplify investment analysis processes
Without Price Rx:
Add staff, time, or resources to keep up with research
With Price Rx:
  • Receive daily alerts of product and pricing updates
  • Create subsets to receive alerts on the specific topics you care about, including:
    • Drugs
    • Drug classes/therapeutic categories
    • Companies
Be prepared for opportunities created by new product releases
Without Price Rx:
Watch for product release announcements, since common resources won't have data until script volume is reported
With Price Rx:
Start receiving data up to a month in advance of a drug’s release, with effective release date posted on all entries and alerts
Share data efficiently within your organization
Without Price Rx:
Prepare reports or enter research data into your own spreadsheets, templates, and dashboards
With Price Rx: Export Price Rx reports into Excel to distribute and perform detailed analysis
Don’t pay the price, know the price
Referential Drug Pricing
Organizations use Medi-Span® drug data and clinical screening modules to support appropriate medication decisions, help reduce prescribing errors, and optimize alert systems.
With Medi-Span® Price Rx®, you get immediate access to unbiased and trusted current and historic referential drug pricing data to support strategic decisions.
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