Clear guidance for teams making complex drug decisions

Medication information is constantly updating. Care teams and healthcare professionals need confidence in their reference materials to ensure safe, effective drug decisions across the care journey.  

Drug referential solutions from UpToDate® Lexidrug™ (formerly Lexicomp®) provide the clarity needed to help you make complex medication decisions for your patients. With advanced machine learning powering search results, drug content sets, and an expert editorial team regularly reviewing and updating content and recommendations, clinicians and professionals can quickly and efficiently get the drug content they need. 

Improving care quality, saving time, better ROI

“UpToDate Lexidrug (formerly Lexicomp) will help us save a great deal of money over the next three years. It will also help our clinicians save time when looking up formulary information and prescribing medications, and ultimately, we believe it will help us improve the quality of care we provide patients.” 


– Steve Carlson, Director of Pharmacy, Northeast Georgia Health System

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