Why are our solutions trusted globally?

Every medication decision matters. And to inform each of those decisions, you need high-quality drug information and medication safety content that draws from the latest available evidence. With Medi-Span, we are committed to delivering just that.

To do this we follow three principles, each of which requires precision and balance.

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Deliver complex medical content — at the right level for each use at the point of care.

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Keep pace with changes in the field — without sacrificing rigor.

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Stay close to pharmaceutical companies — but stay free from bias.

You’ll find more details about each of these principles below, and we welcome your input.

1. Deliver complex medical content — at the right level for each use at the point of care.

Our content is evidence-based, meticulously reviewed, and developed from primary sources fundamental to the healthcare community, such as literature, product labeling, base pharmacology studies, clinical trials, and more. The editorial team synthesizes this critical information into clear, concise content for diverse uses at the point of care, and ensures alignment with the clinical and drug information in the UpToDate® solution suite.

  • The release of new FDA or Health Canada approvals, regulatory, manufacturer, and scientific reports sparks the creation or revision of a referential drug monograph.
  • Once a drug monograph is created, this same information is synthesized for use as integrated drug data content.
  • At the same time, medication patient education leaflets are created and updated to reflect the latest findings, but in the language that is appropriate for patients.

2. Keep pace with changes in the field — without sacrificing rigor.

We balance the need to review and validate information with the need to update content as promptly as possible. Our multidisciplinary team – comprising nearly 150 advanced-degreed clinicians from across disciplines and fields, including pharmacists, physicians, nurses, and medical technologists – works together to keep content current and follow a rigorous editorial process.

As a customer, you will have access to the latest available drug information and medication safety content. Our proactive monitoring and updates include:

  • Daily surveillance of industry activity and primary literature so that our information reflects contemporary medical practices and promotes relevance and clarity of content.
  • Weekly research to update information pertaining to medication guides, Risk Evaluation and Mitigation Strategies (REMS), and U.S. drug shortages.
  • Ongoing review of pharmaceutical manufacturer announcements and publications to find information on new drug availability, new dosage forms, revisions to contraindications, warnings, drug interactions, labeling changes, and more.
  • Internal clinical team review of medical science updates such as published literature within key therapeutic areas, input related to clinical guidelines, and clinical practice

You can also be confident in the timeliness and relevance of what you see because the team conducts a rigorous vetting and quality control process of all new and updated content.

  • Monographs are reviewed by a diverse board of contributors who are specialists and practicing experts in their own therapeutic area, including physicians, nurses, dental professionals, and dieticians.
  • Clinical Quality Control review tests that content works correctly within our software and returns appropriate clinical results. Cross-functional team representing content, technology, product management, and implementation employs complex “edge test cases” for which a clinician must verify the results.

3. Stay close to pharmaceutical companies — but stay free from bias.

We maintain long-standing relationships with pharmaceutical companies to obtain timely information on product availability, drug pricing, and attributes. However, our content is published under our proprietary editorial policies intended to keep the information as unbiased as possible. And, we do not provide pharma companies with statistics reflecting end-user usage habits.


graphic of Medi-Span editorial process

graphic of Medi-Span editorial process

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