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Medi-Span and Price Rx provide the pharmaceutical industry with benchmark drug pricing information in both online reference and data content sets. We have nurtured long-standing relationships with pharmaceutical manufacturers and PBMs, and that allows us to facilitate exchange of new and updated price information and deliver updates with unmatched speed. At the same time, we strive to keep our information unbiased by adhering to our proprietary editorial policies: We publish a wide variety of pricing data elements obtained from diverse sources and developed through our independent editorial team.

Drug manufacturers and wholesalers trust Medi-Span pricing data to help with:

  • Competitive intelligence
  • Brand and market management
  • Price tracking and forecasting
  • Therapy cost comparisons
  • Real-world evidence
  • And more…

Wholesalers: Strategize inventory, manage warehousing, and drive e-commerce

Every day, patients across the country are trusting their physical well-being, their mental health, and in some cases, their lives to their medications. And that means, they’re depending on you.

Drug wholesalers are an important link in the healthcare chain. The system relies on businesses like yours to ensure the right prescriptions are delivered safely and efficiently to thousands of healthcare providers and pharmacies nationwide.

In order to meet those needs, you need to move fast—really fast—purchasing large volumes of drugs and making deliveries to retailers and hospitals once or even multiple times a day. And if you can’t maintain that pace—due to an unexpected rising price, a slow-moving regulatory process, or an inventory challenge—it could be a disaster for your business and for the thousands of patients who don’t even realize how much they’re depending on you.

How do Medi-Span drug information solutions help wholesalers tackle these challenges?

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  • Launch products
Having constantly updated data on competitive products allows us to make pricing and launch decisions quickly and confidently.
Data Analyst from a pharmaceutical consulting company
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