HealthMay 01, 2017

Utilizing advanced technology to detect drug diversion: A Piedmont Athens case study

In 2017, Invistics, now Wolters Kluwer, collaborated with Piedmont Athens Hospital for a National Institutes of Health Research grant to detect drug diversion in healthcare. 

The research focused on consolidating data from multiple computer systems at Piedmont Athens to apply analytics and machine learning to healthcare data to detect “risk” in transactions from Nursing, Anesthesia, Pharmacy, and more.

Technology supported more effective drug diversion detection and investigation

Users of the technology saw value in more effectively detecting potential diversion while more efficiently being able to investigate diversion cases and work with hospital departments to collaboratively change practice patterns. Advanced dashboards and alerting take the solution towards real-time detection.

What was most impressive is the solution not only detected known diversion cases faster than current methods, it also highlighted recent cases under investigation. The solution also provided a historical baseline view that has allowed us to clean up practice by partnering with all departments involved.
~ Drug Diversion Investigator
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