HealthFebruary 21, 2023

Pratt Regional improves patient outcomes and quality with Sentri7 Infection Prevention 

Paul Carrington, Director of Quality and Infection Control at Pratt Regional Medical Center, discusses how Sentri7 Infection Prevention clinical surveillance software has helped improve patient outcomes and quality of care.  

Pratt Regional was focused on saving its team time and clinical surveillance tools like Sentri7 allowed them to have the breathing room they needed to identify patients most at risk for infection, prioritize projects and deliver better evidence-based patient care needed to improve outcomes. This video showcases Pratt Regional’s infection prevention team's use of Sentri7 Infection Prevention to:

  • Save time and gain efficiencies 
  • Address additional at-risk patients 
  • Dedicate more time to patient care
It’s so economical to get into Sentri7. My biggest regret is not doing this five years ago, because it would have changed thousands of patients’ lives. That’s worth it.
Paul Carrington, Director of Quality and Infection Control,                                            Pratt Regional Medical Center 
Sentri7 Difference for Pratt Regional Medical Center
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Sentri7 Infection Prevention
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Sentri7® Infection Prevention
Sentri7 Infection Prevention identifies healthcare-acquired infections (HAIs) and trends sooner to improve quality and reduce costs, and streamline regulatory reporting.
Accuracy and speed are crucial to reducing the spread of infections. Sentri7's Best in KLAS Infection Prevention and Control solution identifies and prioritizes at risk patients with its sophisticated algorithms and continuous monitoring of a hospitals’ patient population and EHR data, and delivers insights into IP workflows so care teams can act fast and early.
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