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Tax & AccountingDecember 07, 2020

How to Help Those You Coach Prepare for Success in 2021

Note from the author: This post is directed at those who coach or mentor their colleagues.

Is it just me, or was that a quick jump from September and back-to-school to December and year-end planning? Unfortunately, with the continued uncertainty surrounding the pandemic and an inability to gather with family and loved ones, the approaching December holidays may weigh more heavily on people’s minds than it has in the past.

With all the chaos and stress that COVID-19 brought to our work life this year, I recommend focusing on positive goals when meeting with those you coach or mentor. Celebrate their successes, even the small accomplishments, and let them know they are valued.

Now is also the time to briefly connect with those you coach to plan for a better year in 2021. This includes scheduling goal-setting and career planning meetings in January. Make sure the people you coach or mentor know to prepare in advance by setting career goals for the year ahead and come to the meeting ready to map out an action plan with you.

Coaches and mentors, you’ll want to deliver this message in early December; the earlier, the better. Give the people you coach plenty of time to think through their goals before they meet with you in January. We are all hoping to find time to unwind and relax over the December holidays, but this can also be an excellent time to think about making progress on career goals in 2021. You may even want to consider framing the January meeting as a way for those you coach and mentor to set themselves up for success in the New Year.

Once you’ve communicated with those you coach or mentor, relax and rest up if you can. Be prepared to come back in January refreshed and ready to work on an action plan to accomplish their goals and create a better 2021! 


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Jackie Fiesher
Jackie Flesher, CPA, CGMA
Jackie is a Coach Champion and Director at CliftonLarsonAllen (CLA) in the Washington DC region in their outsourcing division. Jackie’s clients are medium-sized private sector businesses as well as not-for-profit organizations. Jackie’s passionate work is to support the firm’s coaching program and help her colleagues get the most from their coaching relationships.
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