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Tax & AccountingMay 17, 2021

Improve the Quality of Your Audits and Process at Audit Talks LIVE 2021

Have you registered for Audit Talks LIVE yet? This complimentary, virtual event sponsored by Boomer Consulting will kick off on June 01-02, 2021. Accounting professionals will benefit from short 20-30 minute sessions that fit easily into busy schedules. You'll find many of today's hot topics covered, including sessions about auditing standards, best practices, firm processes, client service and technology.

Fifteen sessions are arranged in three tracks. Registration is by the session, so you can mix and match sessions from different tracks to build your perfect learning experience.

  • Auditing for Superheroes
  • Accounting & Reporting Insights
  • Navigating the Firm Landscape

Check out the schedule and get registered.

The professional standards governing audits changed a lot in recent years, with more changes on the way. Many of the revisions and additions to standards serve to enhance the quality of audits.

Audit Talks LIVE will feature three sessions to expand your knowledge of the standards and help your firm achieve higher quality:

  • Quality Control/Management Standards-Proposed Changes
  • Enhancing Audit Quality Focus & Trends in 2021
  • Maximize Client Value and Effectiveness Through Process Improvement

Quality Control/Management Standards – Proposed Changes

The AICPA is making sweeping changes to the standards governing Firm Quality Control/Management practices. Understanding what's coming will help your firm make a smoother transition into the future. In this session – part of the Accounting & Reporting Insights track – our industry experts discuss these proposed new standards, emphasizing the:

  • Risk-based approach to Quality Control/Management that will affect every firm that performs assurance engagements
  • Feedback from firms that are working to early-implement the proposed standards

Enhancing Audit Focus & Trends in 2021

The AICPA’s Enhancing Audit Quality (EAQ) initiative serves to improve audit quality in an increasingly complex world. Auditors need to know and understand the EAQ initiative focus and trends for this year, so you are in a better position to build on your successes. Industry experts for this session include Carl Mayes, CPA and Associate Director of CPA Quality & Evolution, AICPA and John Miller, CPA and QC Audit Shareholder, Doeren Mayhew. Attend this session – part of the Auditing for Superheroes track – to learn:

  • Which 2021 audit trends identified by the AICPA matter most
  • How this year’s EAQ areas of focus affect your audit work
  • What Wolters Kluwer technology helps firms with compliance and success

Maximize Client Value and Effectiveness Through Process Improvement

Join us for this Audit Talks LIVE keynote speech, presented by Arianna Campbell, a consultant for our conference sponsor, Boomer Consulting. As you probably already know, Boomer Consulting provides consulting to hundreds of CPA firms, guiding them to future-readiness across five areas critical to firm success.

You won’t want to miss Arianna’s advice about implementing process improvement strategies within your firm to identify and improve practices. Ultimately, improvements to your processes lead to increased client service and satisfaction. This session will deliver:

  • An approach to process improvement that ensures an increase in consistency and quality in your firm
  • Value-add from audit technology with process improvements

Register today for these sessions to gain insights and best practices for maximizing audit quality and conforming with standards.

We look forward to seeing you online on June 01-02, 2021.

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