5 ways consolidating multi-jurisdictional entity obligations optimizes global compliance operations
ComplianceJuly 22, 2020

5 ways consolidating multi-jurisdictional entity obligations optimizes global compliance operations

As companies grow and expand their footprint across the world, their need for in-country support and expertise to ensure their operations go on without a hitch increases significantly.

General counsels and their teams are under increased pressure to do more with less and continuously look for ways to increase efficiencies and add value to their global operations.

Five Ways to Consolidate and Optimize Global Compliance Operations
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Five Ways to Consolidate and Optimize Global Compliance Operations

Here are five ways consolidating multi-jurisdictional entity obligations with an experienced and truly global provider like CT can help optimize international compliance operations:

  1. Reduces operational inefficiencies
    • All work is coordinated through a dedicated single point of contact no matter how many entities or countries your business is in
    • Further allows for a reduction in inconsistencies and quality issues of the work output
    • Services are customized based on your needs
  2. Increases visibility on the compliance status of all entities
    • Makes use of compliance calendars across all jurisdictions to manage each task and adhere to timelines
    • Fluid communication stream that notifies of any regulatory changes and how it needs to be addressed, allowing your team to act quickly and with confidence
  3. More control over entity data and accuracy of such
    • Access to a robust global entity management system that manages all entities wherever they are located
    • The entity management system acts as a global repository of all entity data and the single source of truth
    • Backed by in-country experts that continuously feed it with the latest regulatory information
  4. Frees up internal resource time
    • No need to manage multiple vendors with different service levels, billing structures, and/or currencies
    • A U.S. based point of contact that works in your timezone, coordinating global requirements
  5. Greater control over budgets
    • Streamlined invoicing across jurisdictions
    • Receive one invoice in US Dollar
    • Improved cost predictability

Streamlined global entity compliance

Consolidating entity management through a trusted partner with the local know-how and reach to address legal compliance needs, provides General Counsels and their teams more transparency and control over the health of their global operations.

Let CT take the complexity out of your global compliance and gain the confidence to act quickly in any country you do business by trusting the hard work has been done right. Our Global Entity Management Services provides:

  • Single point of contact in the U.S., coordinating all global compliance work and keeping you up to date with the latest local regulatory developments
  • In-country experts in over 150 countries
  • Customized services based on your specific needs, when and where you need them
  • Industry-leading entity management system – a single repository for all entity data and documents
  • Fixed fee pricing, invoiced in US dollars. Receive one invoice for all services in all countries

To learn more about how CT can help you better manage your global compliance needs, contact a CT representative at (855) 444-5358 (toll-free U.S.).