The Americas are an excellent region for business expansion

Strong business growth opportunities

The Americas contain a rich diversity in the areas of politics, economics and culture. North America is home to some of the largest economies in the world, providing a strong foundation for business expansion. The region has a vast number of potential consumers and has trade agreements that open up access to millions of prospective customers. Latin American and the Caribbean (LAC) provide additional opportunities for expansion as many countries in this region are experiencing unprecedented growth. The Southern Common Market (Mercosur in Spanish) is South America’s leading trade bloc, and it possesses large energy resources. Diverse populations in Latin American and the Caribbean make it possible to find an educated and often less expensive workforce than in Europe and North America.

Dynamic areas for investment

The strong and diversified economies in North America represent a large portion of the world’s GDP. This region boasts a large consumer marketplace, welcomes foreign investment and offers talent and innovation along with a strong commitment to R&D investment. Latin America and the Caribbean show strong macroeconomic and social frameworks that continue to attract investments with a long-term view. Eighteen out of the 32 economies in the LAC region implemented at least one regulatory reform making it easier to do business in the past year, with a total of 25 reforms.

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Frequently asked questions about the Americas

What are the benefits of doing business in the Americas?

The Cayman Islands, Canada, Brazil, Mexico and Puerto Rico are quite diverse in terms of politics, economics and culture. North America is home to some of the largest economies in the world, providing a solid foundation for expansion. The jurisdictions throughout both continents include some of the largest consumer marketplaces and participation in wide-reaching trade agreements, opening access to millions of potential consumers.

What are the challenges of doing business in the Americas?

Failure of national governance is one of the top challenges in Latin America. Political and economic instability, corruption scandals and deficiencies in public institutions have reaffirmed electorates’ long-standing mistrust of political leaders and reinforced polarization. Challenges in the North American region include cyber attacks and data fraud or theft. However, these regions are working to get these threats under control through legislation.

What are the annual filing requirements in the Americas?

Filing requirements in different countries can vary considerably. If you’re working at a global or regional level with responsibility for overseas companies or subsidiaries, it’s important to distinguish between the regulations of the individual markets. Besides differences between deadlines and financial year ends, there can be specific needs depending on the size of a company and whether it is listed or not.

What do I need to know to do business in the Americas?

Doing business in the Americas involves many considerations, such as creating a solid market strategy, overcoming cultural and language barriers, and understanding the rules and regulations on federal, regional, and local levels. Check out our country guides for information on the business environment, entity types, formation requirements, and more.

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