CT's Annual Report Services gives me peace of mind when it comes to knowing my entities are in good standing.
Sheila Schiffman, Global Corporate Counsel & Assistant Corporate Secretary

What is the purpose of annual reports?

Not all states have annual reports. Some have biennial reports (due every other year) instead. Whether annual or biennial, the primary purpose of a company’s annual report remains the same. An Annual Report provides updated information on the business. Many details for a business can change in the course of a year. The business may have moved locations. Management of the business might have changed. The annual report provides states with a means for keeping updated information on businesses.

Does my business really need to file an annual report?

Chances are, yes. Nearly every state requires an annual information report from every corporation and LLC that operates under its jurisdiction. Your company is required to file in the state where you first formed as well as in every other state where you’re registered to do business.

What happens if I don’t file a required report?

If you file late or fail to file altogether, you’ll probably incur a few serious fines and penalties. Your business may lose its good standing in that state. Worse, you could face administrative dissolution or a revocation of authority to do business in the state—jeopardizing your protection from business debts.

What happens if regulations change, how will I know my annual report filing is correct?

Our in-house legal team tracks legislative and regulatory changes, so you can be sure that every filing is accurate

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