Your foreign qualification service includes:
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Name availability check

We verify the availability of your desired business name with the state.

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Legal document preparation

We keep track of various state requirements and prepare all legal documents to register your company to do business in the state of your choice.

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Filing services

We file the Qualification/Certificate of Authority forms with the state, monitor the process, and promptly deliver the final paperwork to you upon approval.

Expanding to new states can be a challenge: when we’ve done it ourselves, it’s been torturous. CT was recommended by an attorney I trust. CT knows exactly what’s needed, before the state asks for it.
Ken Lubetsky

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What does foreign qualification mean?

Foreign qualification is the process of formally registering your corporation, nonprofit, or LLC in a state other than your formation state. It’s required whenever you begin doing business in a new state, unless you opt to form a new entity there (i.e., incorporate a new business).

What happens if my company fails to foreign qualify?

If you don’t register your business, you may owe fines, interest, and back taxes. You can also lose the ability to sue in that state. Plus, it could mean your personal assets will no longer be protected from business liabilities within the foreign state.

When do I need to foreign qualify my business?

You must foreign qualify whenever you’re “doing business” in a state. Although we recommend the advice of an attorney, you’ll probably need to foreign qualify if you have either employees or a physical presence in the new state, or if you routinely accept orders or execute contracts there.

Can I file the foreign qualification forms myself?

You can prepare and file the Certificate of Authority yourself, but most business owners find that keeping track of various state requirements and filing dates takes up a frustrating amount of their time. CT’s experts can help you speed through the process—even if you didn’t form your business with us.

 Additional foreign qualification FAQs

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