What you need to know about UBO requirements around the world
ComplianceCorporateSeptember 10, 2021

What you need to know about ultimate beneficial ownership requirements around the world

Global regulatory trends are increasingly emphasizing corporate transparency, so for businesses operating internationally, reporting accurate beneficial ownership information is critical to establishing good standing and complying with local regulations that aim to combat corruption and financial crimes.

A UBO or beneficial owner is an individual who has significant control or influence over a business and/or benefits from their association with the company. While the general definition of a UBO is shared by most countries, each implements its own threshold and rules for meeting beneficial ownership requirements.

Understanding the local rules in every country a business transacts in will safeguard the entity from potential penalties for non-compliance and reputational damage.

In this guide, you’ll find an overview of how UBOs can be defined, why it is important to understand UBO rules, what are the local requirements from some of the top countries, and key compliance considerations. 

What you need to know about UBO requirements around the world

What you need to know about UBO requirements around the world

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Staying up to date with the most important aspects affecting clients that transact internationally is key to ensuring you provide the right support each step of the way. We’ve created this guide to provide legal professionals more detail about one of the top areas international clients need support with and what to keep in mind when engaging in global work.

Discover who is a UBO and why complying with disclosure requirements is important when operating internationally.

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