What is legal ticketing?

Legal ticketing is a method of standardizing and channeling all legal requests . Legal ticketing helps to optimize collaboration, streamline processes and organize requests transforming the headaches of legal intake into an efficient and standardized system.

Legisway Legal Ticketing
Provides simple intake forms, an easy-to-use portal, automated processing, robust reporting, and in-solution chat, streamlining business requests to the legal department. Including:


Contract requests

Streamline and manage requests for contract review or contract revisions.


Self-service contracts

Enable business users to independently generate standard contracts like NDAs.


Legal questions

Answer legal questions from the business in a secure online portal, minimizing unnecessary emails and phone calls.


Other matter requests

Digitally manage requests for non-contract related legal assistance such as claims and business registrations.



Receive alerts on incoming requests to ensure timely legal follow-up.



Track, standard and customized, KPIs to better manage legal department workload and resources.



Assign tickets to the appropriate legal professional with the click of a button, selecting by expertise and availability.



Communicate easily with the requestor using in-solution chat and email alerts.

Streamline business requests to increase enterprise efficiency

Delegate, automate… and focus on high value tasks

Why Legisway Legal Ticketing?

  • Business users know exactly what information to provide (and find it easy to do so).
  • Legal department users receive requests that are complete and accurate.
  • Requests for contracts, advice, self-service and even other legal matters are structured and streamlined via this portal – optimizing effective collaboration between the business and your legal department.

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