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Today’s R&D priorities are shifting, so you need both scientific knowledge and market intelligence to guide your steps. With more than 100 core and niche databases to draw from, Ovid ensures you can get the information you need, when you need it, the way you need it - all from one integrated platform.

Here are a few examples of database portfolios typically used for various pharma/biotech/CRO functions. Each company’s needs vary. Flexible subscriptions let you pick the databases best suited to your work.

Database examples

Usage examples MEDLINE® Embase® Evidence-Based
Medicine Reviews
Derwent Drug File Northern Light™ Life Sciences Conference Abstracts International Pharmaceutical Abstracts BIOSIS® APA PsycInfo EconLit Cab Abstracts / Global Health FSTA
Business development/ market intelligence X X   X         X    
Drug lead candidates X           X        
Preclinical research X X X     X X X    X


X X X X X X X X      
Clinical trials X X X   X X X X   X  
Conference abstract/grey literature   X     X   X   X    
FDA/EMA submissions X X                 X
Patent information                     X
Post-marketing surveillance X X       X     X X  
Public health & epidemiology X X           X     X
Clinical decision algorithms X X X X   X          
Regulatory guidelines; risk & compliance X X X     X   X      
Health plan sponsors & PBMs X   X X         X X  
Agricultural/animal science and technology X           X       X
Food science and nutrition                     X
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Why choose Ovid for your organization?

  • One seamless, fully integrated search interface that always works the way you want, regardless of how individual databases are indexed
  • Freedom to pick the databases that best serve your needs
  • Maximum flexibility for searching multiple fields, terms, and databases simultaneously
  • Precision search technology that automatically eliminates duplicates from your results
  • Complimentary, customized award-winning technical support, available 24/7/365
  • A host of additional resources for results management, auto-alerts, and project management

Ovid: Your trusted, tireless research partner

Ovid works hard, so you don’t have to. Tap into the industry’s most powerful research platform to get you the search results and access you need for every reporting and writing activity your drug or device entails.

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Key resources on the Ovid platform include:

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