Easy to use and fully integrated with Lippincott® CoursePoint+, vSim® for Nursing instills the skills for clinical success through realistic patient encounters based on actual nursing scenarios students will encounter in practice in the areas of fundamentals, medical-surgical, maternity, pediatric, gerontology, pharmacology, health assessment, and mental health.

A virtual simulation modality for today’s nursing students

Wolters Kluwer, Laerdal, and NLN have teamed up to bring the latest simulation technology to nursing education with vSim, a nursing simulation platform that helps reinforce the lessons of high-fidelity patient simulators. It helps nursing students hone their prioritization and clinical reasoning and decision-making skills before they practice these skills in the sim lab.

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Real-world practice in patient-centered care

vSim’s interactive virtual patient simulations are based on scenarios also included in your Lippincott® nursing textbooks, allowing students to get to know these virtual patients as their cases progress and evolve—just like real-world nurse-patient interaction.

Realistic clinical experience – available anytime, anywhere

vSim delivers instant online access to crucial hands-on practice, immersing students in realistic patient interaction from the safety of your classroom—or wherever and whenever your students prefer to learn.

Personalized learning and precise remediation

By recording student interactions throughout its virtual simulations, vSim makes it easy to measure each student’s success, pinpoint specific weaknesses and deliver instant remediation through built-in Lippincott Advisor® and Lippincott® Procedures—the same evidence-based point-of-care content used in hospitals nationwide.

True-to-life clinical experience at your control

With comprehensive patient scenarios available throughout your curriculum, vSim helps you deliver the real-world experience students need to transition to practice while honing the clinical judgment, competence and confidence they’ll rely on throughout their careers.

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  • Quinnipiac University
It’s a really great experience in making decisions under patients’ real-life changes and it’s really the closest thing we’ve had in lab to real-life clinical experience.
Laura Gubrud
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Nursing simulations for clinicals

vSim for Nursing prepares students for clinical with realistic nursing simulation scenarios, endorsed by the NLN, that allow them to practice on virtual patients in a virtual hospital setting. 94% of faculty agrees that vSim accurately depicts actual clinical scenarios.

Experience The Patient Scenarios
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vSim for Nursing | Mental Health: Psychiatric nursing virtual simulations
Introducing vSim for Nursing | Mental Health, an interactive, personalized simulation experience for evidence-based, psychiatric patient scenarios.
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