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The Data Interoperability Solution securely standardizes structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data and clinical concepts across the healthcare system. This solution suite incorporates robust data mapping capabilities enabling organizations to centralize, harmonize and map data to a semantically interoperable definition, ensuring accurate, consistent, and optimized data for enterprise-wide utilization.

Key benefits for health plans, providers, and health IT vendors

Health plans

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One authoring platform

Health Language offers an authoring platform for creating proprietary terminology, mapping non-standard data, creating population cohorts and integrated impact reporting, so you can quickly update the local data.

Simplified compliance and quality

Streamline version control with clear auditing path for all terminology sets and maps with continuous weekly updates to keep your organization consistent, compliant and reduce re-work.

Strong data governance with weekly automatic updates

Health Language helps coordinate and streamlines the 650+ annual, standards bodies-authored healthcare content updates each year.

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Standardize data

Normalize structured and unstructured data and clinical concepts to industry standards to enable semantic interoperability for use across the healthcare organization.

Maintain data

Terminology libraries composed of 185+ comprehensive and proprietary standards, specialty maps, and crosswalk libraries with built-in alerts notify users of content updates to ensure the 650+ annual, standards bodies-authored healthcare content updates are immediately flagged and quickly reviewed.

Clinical support

Health Language provides professional support, including clinical expertise and engagement management services, to ensure the provider's customized platform integration is optimized for enhanced collaboration and efficiency.

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Health IT Vendors

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Standardized data

Tap into a solution to standardize structured and unstructured data from multiple data sources, formats, and technologies to transform data into rich business insights.

Content maintenance

Streamline version control with a clear auditing path for all terminology sets and maps with continuous weekly updates.


Author reference terminology to standardize claims and population management definitions so transferred data is accurate and easy to access. Securely send and receive standardized patient data across closed – and open ecosystems, including third-party applications and systems integrations.

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