How artificial intelligence is revolutionising the daily work of legal departments

The world is buzzing with excitement about AI and in particular ChatGPT... and the legal world is no exception, but can we trust this AI that is admired as much as it is criticised?
Let's take a step back from the excitement and talk seriously and concretely about artificial intelligence and its benefits for lawyers.

As an introduction, we will dive into the AI landscape and distinguish between the different forms of AI to focus on the benefits of using natural language processing (NLP) based AI for contract management.

During this webinar, you will get an in-depth look at specific use cases for AI in contract management within a legal department, from contract review and drafting to negotiation and compliance. This is a unique opportunity to learn how AI is changing the game for your legal department's contract management processes and how you can leverage this technology to increase efficiency and accuracy, reduce manual workload and improve decision-making capabilities.

By the end of the session, you will have a better understanding of the benefits of using AI in the contract management process. Armed with this new knowledge, AI will no longer be an elusive tool that creates buzz, but a realistic and innovative technology that you can easily implement in your legal department to drive efficiency and reduce costs.

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Our Speakers
Segment Manager Legal Software Wolters Kluwer
Maurits Annegarn

Segment Manager Corporate Legal Wolters Kluwer Legal Software

Hugo Seymour
Hugo Seymour

Head of AI - Legal Software

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