Build your construction firm on a solid regulatory foundation
You’re faced with uniquely complex regulatory and licensing challenges. CT Corporation’s specialized toolkit of compliance services can protect your business from penalties and put you in good position to bid and win jobs.

Compliance services for construction businesses

Up to code on the legal front

State and local governments require construction companies to secure a wide variety of licenses and permits. For example, before the first shovel hits the ground you may need to secure a residential builder license from the state and obtain local permits from the county or municipality for the excavation and building. CT’s experts can help you find out exactly which licenses and permits required for your business – and help you manage them all. We know the requirements you face today and have the expertise to anticipate what’s ahead.

Expanding your footprint

Growing your business by bidding on a job in a new state requires you to register in that state, a process called foreign qualification. If you construct, alter, remodel or repair buildings, then you will likely need to register as a foreign corporation (or LLC) in the state —for even one project. And garnishments and other litigation issues can arise for companies operating in numerous states.

Alexis Brachel outlines business license requirements for construction businesses.
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CT Expert Insights: Tackling construction business license compliance
Tight regulations in construction require licensing in both state and local municipalities. Alexis Brachel, CT Corporation Senior Manager of Business Licenses in Governance and Risk Compliance, talks about the critical importance of compliance when it comes to business licenses, specifically for construction businesses.
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