Finanzas y Gestión02 agosto, 2020

5 steps to Make a Move for Continuous Modernization

After last years best practice paper ‘The Digital Finance Organisation’, Marco van der Kooij (ForSight Consulting) goes one step further. This time around you will learn what is needed for continuous modernization in the CFO Office, following 5 practical steps (paper available in English and Dutch).

We live in volatile times where business challenges and changes occur every day at an accelerating pace. Technology is driving change, starting with the digital behavior of customers, which impacts the entire value chain. Meanwhile the CFO Office is transitioning from a number crunching department to a fully-fledge business partner. Companies and their competitors are in a race to move smarter and faster with innovation. However, pressure to reduce costs increases and regulatory and tax demands are growing. Standardization is required to use automation and having a continuous modernization strategy for the CFO Office is shifting from being beneficial to crucial.

This whitepaper describes WHY, HOW and WHAT is needed for continuous modernization in the CFO Office to involve the right people and overcome challenges caused by current legacy systems.

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