Celebrating 10 years of cloud-based innovation with CCH Axcess
Introduced as the tax and accounting industry’s first modular, cloud-based solution, CCH Axcess was built on a simple premise – your technology tools are only as effective as they are connected. We saw firms struggling to manage client data, build productive workflows, and maintain profitability at scale, so we set out to build a smarter solution. A solution that would allow data to flow freely through any of your firm’s workflows in nearly real-time. The result would fundamentally change the way firms operate. The same data that was once a burden to manage, update, and share, is now the lifeblood of the firm. The capacity to automate took an unprecedented step forward, helping firms shift their time investment from compliance work to highly-profitable advisory and client services.
Cathy Rowe - 10 Years of CCH Axcess
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A decade in the cloud
10 years after its initial release, CCH Axcess has grown from five core modules focused on tax workflow optimization, to more than 14, supporting tax, firm management, accounting and audit, and advisory services. As we look to the future, our focus remains on innovation, incorporating industry-leading technologies like AI, machine learning, and blockchain to ensure firms stay as productive and profitable as possible.

Mapping 10 years of innovation and expansion



A new era — the first tax workflow platform in the cloud
CCH Axcess™ Tax, CCH Axcess™ Document, CCH Axcess™ Portal, CCH Axcess™ Practice, CCH Axcess™ Workstream, Common Client Database
  • Groundbreaking technology for speed, security, and flexibility 
    Cathy Rowe | 10 Years of CCH Axcess
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    A new standard for integration and flexibility
    The launch of CCH Axcess in 2013 marked a paradigm shift in the industry. While only focused on the tax workflow at the time, the anywhere/anytime access from the cloud freed firms from the confines of a physical office, and the groundbreaking Common Client Database enabled a new standard for integration, security, and speed.
  • What is the Common Client Database?
    CCH Axcess Common Core Database

    A single, connected platform

    The Common Client Database allows all CCH Axcess modules to remain connected in nearly real-time. When data enters the system, it flows to all modules without staff having to touch it. In an industry plagued by disparate solutions and inconsistent data, this ensures accuracy, frees up time for staff to focus on more valuable work, and improves transparency. What's more, the database allows for data points from across the firm to be combined and analyzed, generating insight into your firm operations and clientele that you won't find anywhere else. 



An unprecedented step forward in client service
CCH Axcess™ Client Collaboration, CCH Axcess™ iQ
  • Improving the client experience and enabling high-value advisory services
    Mark McAndrew | 10 Years of CCH Axcess
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    Client experience is everything
    Every point of contact with your clients is essential, and as the industry becomes more digitized and clients' expectations for on-demand access increase, their tolerance for poor service diminishes. With CCH Axcess Client Collaboration, the goal was to remove as many barriers between firm and client as possible. CCH Axcess iQ takes that idea even further, using machine learning to proactively identify clients who are impacted by legislative changes and alert them. 
  • What is CCH Axcess Client Collaboration?
    CCH Axcess Client Collaboration Overview Video Image
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    A better way to work with clients
    CCH Axcess Client Collaboration is a secure client platform that creates a seamless experience for all tax engagements. Guide clients step by step, track progress, and exchange documents securely in the cloud.
  • What is CCH Axcess iQ?
    CCH Axcess iQ Video Card Image
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    The industry's first predictive intelligence tool
    Distinguish yourself as a high-value advisory services provider with the award-winning CCH Axcess iQ. Using advanced predictive intelligence, CCH Axcess iQ automatically determines which of your clients are impacted by federal and state legislative changes and explains the impact of those changes.


The first steps toward a Digital Audit Workflow in the cloud

CCH Axcess™ Knowledge Coach, CCH Axcess™ Validate
  • Reaching a data-driven audit in the cloud
    Colleen Knuff - 10 Years of CCH Axcess
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    Moving audits forward with data
    Client data provides a wealth of information, far beyond simply completing an engagement. With our first step toward a digital audit workflow in the cloud, CCH Axcess allowed that data to be stored, analyzed, and leveraged in ways that are more valuable to you and your clients.
  • What is CCH Axcess Knowledge Coach?
    Ax Knowledge Coach overview video card image
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    Award-winning audit software, now in the cloud
    With the AICPA’s ongoing focus on audit quality, and engagement teams wanting to collaborate more efficiently, CCH Axcess Knowledge Coach helps firms conform to risk assessment and documentation while transforming their audit workflow.
  • What is CCH Axcess Validate?
    validate page video image
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    Blockchain-enabled bank confirmations
    Fast-track bank confirmations and eliminate risks inherent in manual confirmations with CCH Axcess Validate. Bank confirmations have always been a drag on audit productivity, but what used to take a day or more can now be completed in five minutes or less.


Workflow innovation to provide firms a competitive advantage

CCH Axcess™ Workflow, CCH Axcess™ Marketplace
  • Tracking and customizing workflows 
    Mark McAndrew - 10 Years of CCH Axcess
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    Improving how work gets done
    Whether aiding the flow of client data or creating integrations with other solutions, our primary focus with CCH Axcess is to help firms work smarter rather than harder. With the additions of CCH Axcess Workflow and CCH Axcess Marketplace in 2021, a firm's ability to track and customize workflows took a giant leap forward. 
  • What is CCH Axcess Workflow?
    CCH Axcess Workflow
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    Process improvement as a path to growth
    Formerly XCMworkflow, CCH Axcess Workflow is a best-in-class tool for tracking and optimizing projects and processes within your firm. Fully integrated with the CCH Axcess platform, CCH Axcess Workflow helps to create capacity and free up time to focus on high-value work. 
  • What is CCH Axcess Marketplace?
    CCH Axcess Open Integration Platform
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    Maximize the potential of your workflows
    CCH Axcess Marketplace allows you to expand and enhance the CCH Axcess platform with powerful solutions from our integration vendors


Achieving a complete audit assurance workflow in the cloud

CCH Axcess™ Engagement
  • Everything an audit assurance firm needs in one place
    Colleen Knuff - 10 Years of CCH Axcess
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    CCH Axcess Engagement
    With the release of CCH Axcess Engagement this Fall, firms will have a complete cloud solution in CCH Axcess, encompassing everything needed for seamless end-to-end tax workflows, audit workflows, and firm management tools.
  • What is the CCH Axcess Engagement suite?
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    The complete audit suite
    The CCH Axcess Engagement suite is the industry’s only complete audit workflow solution in the cloud, including binder tools to manage engagements of any type, our award-winning Knowledge-Based Audit Methodology solution, a confirmation and validation module, trial balance and workpaper management tools, and more.


Looking to the future with data and integrations

  • Advanced data modeling
    Cathy Rowe | 10 Years of CCH Axcess
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    The future is rich, data rich
    The possibilities for leveraging the data in your firm are truly limited only by your ability to process and analyze it. As we look to the future, we see the potential to build on our advanced modeling and predictive analytics to identify challenges and opportunities before they arise.
  • The future lies with APIs
    Adam Orentlicher on APIs
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    Limitless customization 
    APIs – or Application Programming Interfaces – are points of integration built by software providers that allow separate solutions to work together. At Wolters Kluwer, we recognize the power of APIs and the near-limitless opportunities they provide for firms to customize their workflows. See our CCH Axcess Marketplace partners here
The 2023 CCH Axcess ecosystem
CCH Axcess
Awards and recognition
2023 Silver Globee Business Awards logo
2023 Globee Awards Silver Winner
Achievement in Existing Product, silver winner | 10 years driving innovation and transformation in the accounting industry | 2023 Globee Business Awards
2023 Gold Globee Business Awards logo
2023 Globee Awards Gold Winner
Digital Transformation, gold winner | CCH Axcess Tax 1040 Return Dashboard | 2023 Globee Business Awards
Gold Merit Technology
Gold Merit Technology Award | CCH Axcess™ Engagement | 2023 Merit Awards for Technology
Big Awards for Business 2018
Product of the Year
CCH Axcess
CPA Practice Advisor Award
Tax & Accounting Innovation Award
CCH Axcess Client Collaboration
Big Awards for Business 2019
Top New Trial Balance Tool
CCH Axcess Financial Prep
Accounting Today Top New Product
Top New Trial Balance Tool
CCH Axcess Engagement Essentials
Big Awards for Business 2019
Finalist — New Product of the Year
CCH Axcess iQ
CPA Practice Advisor Award
Tax and Accounting Innovation Award
CCH Axcess Knowledge Coach
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10 years of reliability and recognition
Valerie Fohne - 10 Years of CCH Axcess
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