Redefining Document Management

Have you ever shuffled through papers on a co-worker’s desk to locate an important file? Or worse yet, have you ever looked for a file for hours but never found it? With a traditional file room, these issues will never go away. But when you implement CCH ProSystem fx Document, they’ll be a distant memory. Document stores all of your firm’s papers in digital files that can be found with just a few clicks.

With all of your documents in a central repository — including tax returns, client correspondence, employee records and email messages — you’ll be able to help your clients in record time.

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CCH Axcess Document

Considering Cloud-Based Document Management?

If you are interested in a cloud-based alternative to CCH ProSystem fx Document, consider CCH Axcess™ Document. When uploaded to CCH Axcess Document, files are encrypted immediately and remain so while in storage and when passed over the internet. CCH Axcess Document's hybrid storage option lets you choose to store your documents in the cloud or on local firm-hosted storage. Whether you store your documents on-premise, in the cloud or with a 3rd-party host, you benefit from integration with the CCH Axcess platform common client database and other cloud benefits.

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Enhance Collaboration and Workflow with Digital Document Management

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