Are you still managing contracts the hard way?

Tired of chasing down colleagues for the right version of contracts or for gathering signatures?  Struggling to get colleagues to follow the correct legal contract processes? With Legisway, you will be more effective at contract lifecycle management, mitigating risk and creating value for your business.


Find documents related to a contract

Manage contracts and track legal and financial obligations thanks to personalised dashboards and advanced search features.

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Create custom reports & KPIs

Have the right insights anytime by generating reports and track your team's performance with KPIs so that you can reinforce Legal value to the business by demonstrating that you work along business goals.

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Optimise contract creation with document automation

Empower colleagues to self-serve with templates and optional document automation integration to reduce risk.

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Close deals quicker  

Streamline approval processes thanks to flexible worklows and tools like e-signature integrations.



Identify and assess contract risks on time

Stay in control of mitigating measures, receive alerts for key deadlines or changes made to your contracts.

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Contract management with Legisway

See how Legisway solutions help you centralise all your contractual assets in a secure environment, manage contract lifecycles with authority and mitigate risk.

Legisway Essentials Dashboard Legal | Contract Management Solution

Centralise your contract information with Legisway Essentials

  • Store all of your contracts in one place (from purchase agreements to NDAs and business contracts).
  • Share contract information with stakeholders quickly and securely.
  • Boost efficiency with with our contract management solution and its tools like e-signature, tasks and alerts.
  • Run reports to identify and asses risks, stay a head of deadlines and avoid unnecessary costs
Legisway Enterprise Contract Management Software |  contract lifecycle management

Optimise contract lifecycle management processses and accelerate business performance 

  • Manage requests from the business in one place and empower colleagues to self-serve via the Collaboration Portal.
  • Increase quality with intuitive data entry based on specific business and legal rules.
  • Control document management with integrated tools for editing, versioning, and clause and document assembly.
  • Configure advanced, dynamic workflows to follow correct legal processes and trigger the automatic creation of ready-to-sign contracts.
  • Advanced reporting capabilities & KPI tracking to monitor performance.
  • Automate contract indexing, streamline, and simplify your tasks, by resolving critical pain points in the contract management lifecycle with AI
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Best practices: Contract lifecycle management 


A step-by-step guide to improve the contract lifecycle from drafting to execution. 

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