Be proactive, not reactive – Save time, reduce risks and stay on top of things with our game-changing software.

 Enable business growth | Legisway in house legal software

  Gain efficiency

Manage your contracts effortlessly with an AI-powered solution while being fully compliant. Draft, negotiate, sign and store e.g. SDEAs or clinical trial agreements in one place and quickly access key information such as renewal dates and specific clauses.

 Enable business growth | Legisway in house legal software

  Mitigate risks

Reduce errors and legal issues by automating repetitive tasks like data entry, approvals and notifications to free up resources for high-value work and to ensure compliance with regulatory requirement.

 Enable business growth | Legisway in house legal software

  Improve monitoring

Choose a central platform as a single source of truth for all relevant information to monitor and manage risks in real-time. Also facilitate communication and collaboration among stakeholders, including e.g. pharmacovigilance or medical teams.

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Elizabeth Hondius
In the past, […] I could never find contracts when I needed to. I always had to call on help from my paralegal. Now, with Legisway, we have over 6000 contracts and it’s so intuitive - I can find anything!
Elizabeth Hondius
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Nienke van Dijk
Legisway has helped transform the position of the legal department from a fire fighter to a proactive business partner.
Nienke van Dijk
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The most important modules at a glance

Managing Contracts Header
Contract management

Prepare your organisation in the constantly evolving regulatory context: efficiently manage all your contracts in one centralised platform, streamline your contracts’ lifecycle, from creation to approval, signature, and archiving, and ensure compliance with pharmaceutical regulatory requirements, by setting up rules and notifications to ensure that contracts meet specific standards. Save time, limit risks of error and increase your department’s productivity to focus on more strategic tasks to drive the success of your organisation.
  • Corporate
  • Intellectual Property
  • Legal Services Portal
Managing Corporate Header
In-house lawyers are responsible for managing the legal and regulatory compliance of their organisation's numerous subsidiaries and affiliates. A Corporate entity management tool provides a comprehensive and centralised platform to manage all entities information and documentation. Benefit from a real-time visibility into the status of each entity, ensuring they are in good standing and compliant with all applicable laws and regulations. 
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Efficiently manage your company’s Intellectual Property (IP) portfolio, including patents and trademarks, in one single platform. Benefit from automated workflows that can help streamline the IP lifecycle, from clearance and registration to maintenance and renewal, saving time and increasing productivity. The module's search and reporting capabilities can help lawyers quickly find the information they need, track IP performance, and provide valuable insights into their IP portfolio.
Collaboration self- header
By using a collaborative portal, in-house lawyers in the pharma sector can improve communication and collaboration within their organisation. A collaborative portal can greatly enhance collaboration among internal stakeholders by providing a centralised platform for the exchange of information and documentation. It can also facilitate collaboration on legal projects and initiatives, such as contract negotiation and risk management activities, enabling in-house lawyers to manage these processes more effectively. Benefit from increased efficiency and transparency to streamline your legal activities and achieve better outcomes.
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