Managing contracts
Are you managing contracts the hard way?

Are your contracts scattered across different computers or offices? Do you still use manually updated spreadsheets to manage requests and track your obligations or deadlines? Are you wasting valuable time reviewing contracts that your colleagues have copied from previous deals?

If so, how can you be sure that you are effectively managing risk at each stage of the contract lifecycle? Isn't it time to stop doing things the hard way?

Contract management with Legisway
Legisway stores your contracts and associated documents and emails in one central location. Empower colleagues with online workflows, in-solution editing, versioning and chat, iand ntegrated electronic signatures. Smart tools enable you to search, analyze and report on all your critical contract data quickly, easily and with certainty. Autmated alerts mean you, and the business, never miss an important contract milestone.With Legisway, not only will you be a more effective risk manager for your business, but you’ll also be able to unlock value previously hidden in contracts.

Manage requests from the business
If you need to manage the requests from your colleagues, Legisway Legal Ticketing's easy to use portal helps streamline that intake process, and even makes standard contracts like Non Disclosure Agreements available as self-service templates.

Find documents related to a contract
Legisway keeps all the emails and documents related to a contract matter together in one place  and allows you to freely search all the text.

Summarize key information
If you need to ensure your colleagues in other departments act on the obligations that are buried in the small print, Legisway provides them with a jargon-free summary of the key terms.

Set alerts and reminders for key dates
If you need to ensure your colleagues in other departments act on the obligations that are buried in the small print, Legisway provides a summary of the key terms in easy to read fact sheets and reports.

Create custom reports & KPIs
Whatever information you need, Legisway has a report for it: expiring contracts, contracts awaiting signature, contract owners, contract values and more – all at the touch of a button. 

Contract management Legisway  - US
Centralize your contract information with Legisway 

- Store all of your contracts in one place, including Master Service Agreements, Child Agreements, NDAs and general business contracts.

- Share contract information with stakeholders quickly and securely.

- Boost efficiency with smart tools like e-signature, tasks and alerts.

- Run reports to identify and assess risks, stay ahead of deadlines and avoid unnecessary costs.

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