Are you still managing entities & corporate matters the hard way?
In today’s fast-paced world, staying in control of your company's information can be your biggest challenge, especially if you have multiple entities to look after. With Legisway you will always have an accurate overview of your organisation’s legal entities for reporting, audits or due diligence.

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Optimise entity management

Manage information related to your business registrations, appointments, share class, shareholdings, and partnerships using a complete view of corporate details by entity, and consult historical data for any given date quickly.

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Generate reports and detailed organisation charts

Provide a global overview of your company structure at any given date thanks to organisational charts you can easily modify, filter and export.

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Stay on top of deadlines

Set alerts for upcoming appointment renewal dates or business registrations, and never miss a deadline again thanks to calendar view of events.

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Mitigate corporate risk

Keep track of capital operations, automate calculations for securities and share transactions and eliminate risk across your entire organisation.

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Corporate Housekeeping with Legisway
See how Legisway solutions enable you to manage and automate the way you monitor the legal life of your company and subsidiaries. By linking data, documents, people and org chart to each entity, you can stay in control and generate insights. 

Legisway Essentials Corporate | corporate & entity information

Centralise your corporate & entity information with Legisway Essentials

  • Store key information & related documents to  entities, business registrations, appointments, share class, shareholdings, and partnerships in one place.
  • Share corporate reports and org charts with stakeholders quickly and securely.
  • Set alerts to avoid missing key deadlines, like filing annual accounts.
  • Identify and asses legal risks across your entire organization, and, in the event of a crisis, take action quicker.
Legisway Enterprise Corporate Management Software | legal entity management

Optimise corporate & legal entity management processes with Legisway Enterprise

  • Increase quality with intuitive data entry based on specific business and legal rules. 
  • Automate processes to manage corporate events better and faster
  • Execute share operations through wizards with automatic checks and calculations (buying/selling shares, merge of companies, increase of capital, split, exchange, …)
  • Advanced reporting capabilities to visualize corporate structures at any point in time.
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Best Practices: Corporate Housekeeping
A step-by-step guide for improving the way you manage corporate housekeeping and ensure you are always audit-ready.

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