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Empowering Compliance & Confidence

Legal software ensures adherence to financial regulations and compliance requirements, reducing the risk of penalties and legal issues for non-compliance. It centralises and automates regulatory tracking, helping financial institutions stay up to date with changing laws and standards.


Streamline Your Legal Workflow

Legal software streamlines contract creation, negotiation, and management processes. It helps in organising and storing contracts, ensuring all parties comply with agreed terms. This efficiency in contract management saves time, reduces errors, and enhances contract lifecycle management.


Improved Productivity and Collaboration

By providing a centralised platform for legal operations, the software facilitates collaboration among legal teams, finance professionals, and stakeholders. It enables efficient sharing of information, delegation of tasks, and standardisation of workflows, enhancing overall productivity within the finance organisation.

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Having a centralised database like Legisway forces stakeholders to keep track of information.
Henry van Glasbbeek
The quality of the reports is high. I know the data is reliable. I never have to check twice.
Agnes Caredda
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Contract Management

Effortlessly navigate the contract lifecycle in the finance sector using our cutting-edge legal software. From inception to renewal or termination, streamline the entire process with our intuitive interface. Harness the power of automated contract drafting, intelligent search, and AI-driven contract analysis for precise and efficient operations. Never miss a crucial date or milestone with automated workflows and alerts, empowering proactive contract management and risk mitigation. Delve into contract performance, vendor relationships, and optimisation possibilities through our insightful reporting and analytics. Elevate your efficiency, minimise contract-related risks, and unlock strategic value for your legal team with our comprehensive contract management tools.

Find out the benefits
  • Claims & Litigation Management
  • Legal Risk Management
  • Legal Services Portal
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In the finance industry, managing disputes efficiently is crucial. Legisway's specialised module offers a cost-effective approach for seamless claims and litigation management. With a centralised interface and configurable workflows, it ensures timely action, prevents missed deadlines, and provides real-time insights to stakeholders. Enhanced collaboration with internal teams and external counsel, along with custom reporting, enables proactive risk mitigation. Legisway's module revolutionises dispute handling, ensuring efficient operations and safeguarding financial interests.
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Legisway's Legal Risk Management module is crucial for the finance industry. In this fast-paced sector, identifying and mitigating risks efficiently is paramount. Legisway centralizes legal data, allowing a comprehensive view of potential risks across entities and units. Proactive risk assessment and prioritization are facilitated, aligning with risk appetite in the finance industry. The module enables structured data collection, alerts, and insightful reporting, empowering better risk management and safeguarding business interests while enhancing value creation.
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In the finance sector, a collaborative portal enhances communication and collaboration for in-house legal teams, fostering seamless teamwork and knowledge sharing. It centralises information, streamlining processes like contract negotiation and risk management, which, in turn, boosts efficiency and transparency, resulting in better outcomes.
These finance industry companies are currently utilizing Legisway to achieve control and enhance performance:





Oost NL

Photon Capital

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