Are you preparing for audits the hard way?

Preparing for an audit can be an all-consuming task for any legal team. Retrieving documents, summarizing information, printing binders out and sending data to auditors can require significant legal resources and budget. With Legisway, you can focus on the strategic work rather than the paperwork.


Create ownership structures easily

Create ownership structures easily

Use good practices in administrative-legal and statutory obligations of companies. Have control over your corporate archive and act upon milestones in a timely matter.

Create custom reports on contracts

Create insightful reports on contracts

If you need to evidence the company’s customer and supplier contracts, Legisway can help you compile reports according to contract value, length, department, expiry date and much more..

Make compliance policies and records readily available

Have an overview of the company compliance policies and records

If you need to provide evidence of your compliance with regulations, Legisway can maintain historical and current internal policies and records in a centralised location for audit purposes.

Share documents securely

Share documents securely

If you need to share all the information securely with your auditors, Legisway can become a simple data room.

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Be audit-ready with Legisway

With Legisway, your legal team will have a complete and up-to-date record of all your legal data.


Legisway Essentials Prepare for audit

Have the latest legal information with Legisway Essentials

  • Store the essential information related to your legal activities - including Contracts, Corporate, Claims, Policies & Regulations, Data Privacy, Legal Invoices, IP Rights & Real Estate - in one repository, to create a "single source of truth" that is always audit-ready
  • Share quick reports with stakeholders in a secure platform
  • Run reports to identify risks, stay ahead of deadlines and avoid unecessary costs

Automate and process legal information with Legisway Enterprise

  • Fully-configurable to capture and track the most granular data according to your unique business and compliance needs  
  • Provide the business with a structured way to request information or reports via the Collaboration Portal 
  • Configure advanced, dynamic workflows to follow specific rules or regulations, and demonstrate compliance when necessary
  • Advanced reporting capabilities & KPI tracking to monitor performance

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