Are you still managing legal information the hard way?

Whether it is Sales, Procurement, Finance or IT, every department creates, uses and modifies legal data. Keeping this data synchronised, especially when held in multiple systems, can be time consuming and prone to error. 
Legisway integrates with other systems to empower legal departments and  gain full control of all legal processes and data of the business.

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Saving your legal team time

By automatically retrieving information from relevant systems and sources you can stop losing time with repetitive data entry, leaving more time to focus on matters that move the needle!

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Increase accuracy and data quality

Taking away human mistakes by automating data exchange through Legisway API's. Transferring data from one system to another can help tremendously with improving data quality.  This will not only help companies in making better decisions, but it will also increase productivity by taking away problem solving.

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Enable the business and free yourself!

Taking away redundant administrative tasks for yourself and the business means it becomes easier for the business to serve themselves giving you the freedom to focus on more complex matters

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Experts in legal integrations

We understand that each company has different objectives and needs, systems and processes. Therefore, we consider the needs specific to your business to offer the integrations that suit you best. With our technical know-how around complex integrations combined with our full understanding of the purpose and processes of the legal department, we deliver and help overcome traditional IT challenges.

Build a legal ecosystem with Legisway

See how Legisway can empower colleagues and help create more effective exchanges throughout the company

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Synchronize information across systems with Legisway Essentials

  • Automatically update Legisway with information from your other business systems
  • Reduce time spent in the administration of legal information
  • Collect information from external sources, such as the chamber of commerce, when and where relevant
  • Increase the quality of legal information across the business
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Streamline cross-functional processes with Legisway Enterprise

  • Automatically have processes flow from one system into the other
  • Increase adoption rates of legal processes for the entire company
  • Improve speed of contracting with a smooth interaction between the commercial business and your legal department
  • Provide your procurement organisation with an up to date view of available contracts

Ready to see what Legisway Integrations can do for your business?

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