Are you providing legal services the hard way?

The mission of corporate lawyers is to provide legal advice and service to internal clients. However, in many companies, the legal department is seen as old-fashioned, slow to act, disconnected from the business and a bottleneck to success. For many legal departments, it can be a real challenge to keep pace with the business, to be proactive and to change the perception that they are a cost center with no added-value for the business.

Are you ready to be seen as a business enabler? Take the Legisway!

Enable business growth with Legisway 

Transform the legal department into a value center by facilitating easy and swift access to legal services. With Legisway, accelerate business success through decisive legal advice and guidance, and be recognised for the critical role you play in contributing to the profitability of the company.


Facilitate structured collaboration and self-service
Delegate tasks, activate workflows and communicate with chat and messaging in Legisway – instead of via email or over the phone – to make interactions transparent and traceable. Let other departments create contracts using approved templates and initiate structured requests for the legal team.

Demonstrate value
Generate reports and track KPIs to show how legal is accelerating contracting, identifying opportunities and mitigating risk to actively contribute to the profitability and growth of the business. 

Provide access to key information
Give business owners controlled access to the information they need to do their jobs. Empower colleagues to take responsibility over managing risk – like deadlines – thanks to smart tools like alerts.

Deliver legal services quick
By standardising processes and removing barriers, you can deliver decisive advice and services faster, with greater confidence. Carry more influence and form better relationships with colleagues across the business.

Be recognised as a trusted advisor
With more control and oversight, you can proactively solve issues before they can gain any real hold – informing and supporting the strategic-decision making that will drive the business forward.


Centralise your legal information with Legisway Essentials

- Take control of information related to your legal activities - including Contracts, Corporate, Claims, Policies & Regulations, Data Privacy, Legal Invoices, IP Rights & Real Estate - by centralising everything in a single repository


- Share a "single source of truth" with stakeholders quickly and securely


- Empower the business to become more legal savvy


- Save time searching for information and more time providing legal advice



Optimise legal processes & performance with Legisway Enterprise

- Manage requests for the business in one place and empower colleagues to self-serve via the Collaboration Portal 


- Boost efficiency with document automation and assembly  


- Configure advanced, dynamic workflows to follow specific rules 


- Spend less time on admin tasks and more time providing proactive, strategic counsel to the business