Are you managing legal processes the hard way?

On top of providing legal services, modern Legal Departments need to operate in the most strategic way possible, all while keeping a close eye on costs.
Not sure where to start? Let Legisway help you boost efficiency and free up more in-house manpower to focus on creating value.


Centralise key business information

Centralise key business information

Want to have better insight into your business to give stronger legal advice? With Legisway you can stay on top of final documents with most important data always at your fingertips.

Save time with smart tools

Save time with smart tools

Don’t waste time re-inventing the wheel. With Legisway, you can standardise processes according to your needs and the unique way your organisation works, use templates, assign tasks, and even use optional e-signature tools to free up your time.

Visualise data and generate reports

Visualise data and generate reports

Reporting and audit capabilities, obligation tracking, and alerts empower legal departments to communicate risks and make informed data-driven decisions. KPI reports allow you to monitor your legal performance and optimise the way your work. 

Legisway supports you as you grow

Legisway supports you as you grow

With Legisway, you have the peace of mind knowing that your technology investment can grow with you over time. Extend to cover additional legal activities as required or scale to new jurisdictions: Legisway can help you solve any information management challenge that may come your way. 

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Increase efficiency with Legisway
Save time on admin tasks, standardise processes and stay on top of deadlines. With access to business insights you are better equipped to make data-driven decisions that will protect and grow the business, further elevating the position of the legal department. 


Centralise your legal information with Legisway Essentials

  • Store all of your information, documents and emails related to your legal activities - including Contracts, Corporate, Claims, Policies & Regulations, Data Privacy, Legal Invoices, IP Rights & Real Estate - in one repository, to create a "single source of truth"
  • Share information with stakeholders quickly and securely
  • Boost efficiency with smart tools like e-signature, tasks and alerts
  • Run reports to identify and asses risks, stay ahead of deadlines and avoid unecessary costs

Optimise legal processes & performance with Legisway Enterprise

  • Manage requests for the business in one place and empower colleagues to self-serve via the Collaboration Portal
  • Reduce errors with intuitive data entry based on specific business and legal rules that provide automatic calculations and checks
  • More control over document management with built-in editing, versioning, and clause and document assembly
  • Configure advanced, dynamic workflows to follow specific rules and trigger the automatic creation of ready-to-sign contracts
  • Advanced reporting capabilities & KPI tracking to monitor performance

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