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Streamline legal operations

Boost legal efficiency in retail with a tailored all-in-one solution. Automate tasks, streamline workflows, and gain time. Harness data for insights, free up valuable time, and enhance your strategic value. 




Collaborate seamlessy

In retail industry, collaboration is vital, from supplier contracts to litigations. Legisway's central platform streamlines collaboration, connecting internal and external partners to access and share documents, track progress, and engage in real-time discussions, enhancing efficiency.


Gain unparalleled visibility

In fast-paced retail industry, gain real-time insights on contracts, supplier rebates, compliance, and IP via customizable dashboards and reports. Track KPIs, meet deadlines, and proactively identify risks like labor shortages and supply chain issues for informed decisions.

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Since our team manages hundreds of contracts it’s helpful for us to receive alerts of impending deadlines. Without Legisway, it would be difficult to keep track of them all
Ghislaine Wesseling
The most important modules at a glance

Contract Management

Legisway streamlines contract management, covering the entire lifecycle from creation to renewal. It handles various contracts like procurement, real estate, and acquisitions. With automation, it customizes contracts and intelligent search for quick retrieval. Built-in AI simplifies contract analysis for single or bulk processing. Automated workflows and alerts prevent date misses, promoting proactive management. Robust reporting and analytics provide insights into contract performance, vendor relationships, and optimization. Leverage Legisway for enhanced efficiency, reduced risk, and greater strategic value in your legal department.

Find out the benefits
  • Corporate
  • Litigations
  • Legal Services Portal

Corporate retail

Elevate global corporate entity management with the Legisway Corporate module. Efficiently maintain records, ensure regulatory compliance, and organize annual corporate events, such as General meetings and Board meetings. Leverage Legisway's centralized platform to streamline entity information and documentation management, mitigating risks. Gain real-time visibility into entity status and governance performance for data-driven decisions. Corporate management is a critical function for legal departments in the retail industry, and Legisway provides a comprehensive solution to streamline and optimise this process.

Litigations retail

Legisway's Litigation module supports legal departments in the retail industry, in managing and tracking cases comprehensively. Legal professionals efficiently handle all stages, from initiation to resolution. Centralize case information, including documents, filings, and correspondence for easy access and organization. Advanced tracking and deadline management ensure essential dates are met. Collaboration tools facilitate communication with stakeholders and counsel, ensuring efficiency. Powerful analytics and reporting provide valuable insights into litigation trends, outcomes, and costs, enabling informed decisions and effective strategies.

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The Legal Services Portal is a collaborative platform open to various organization departments, including sourcing teams, category buyers, and field sales. It centralizes request submission for contract creation, dispute resolution, and legal inquiries. Furthermore, a self-service contract creation feature empowers operational teams to generate contracts based on pre-validated templates with just a few clicks. This user-friendly interface supports task delegation, empowering teams to generate contracts efficiently. It enhances collaboration, workflow efficiency, and task management, making it indispensable for legal departments in the retail industry.

Retail legal teams power up with Legisway for control and performance boost!

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