Are you managing data privacy the hard way?

As Legal Counsel, you are an important player in your company’s data protection processes. To minimise legal risk, you need to ensure your company’s legal information is safe from data breaches. Not only does Legisway respect the highest security standards to keep confidential legal information safe, but it can assist you or your Data Protection Officer (DPO) to manage data processes and data breaches correctly.


Security Legisway

Keep your data safe

Legisway data processes follow a certain criteria; hosting, authentication, security certificates etc to ensure the safety of your data on the platform.

Consolidate data privacy information

Everything in one place

Consolidate all relevant information around data processes and data breaches. Archive all relevant documents (like DPA) in a safe platform. 

Track data processes & generate reports

Generate accurate reports for data processes and data breaches

Register data processes across your organisation, show which personal data is processed and how you comply with GDPR.

Establish data breaches reporting processes

Manage and report on data breaches

Manage data breaches correctly and provide authorities with the right information at the right time to avoid penalties.

Assess your data privacy risks

Assess your data privacy risks

Proactively assess potential data breach risks, impact, and likelihood before it happens to accelerate compliance across your organisation.

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Comply with GDPR and track data privacy with Legisway
Legisway provides tools to centralise and maintain all relevant information around data processes and data breaches, so you can act promptly and correctly in case of a unexpected breach 


Managing data privacy with Legisway Essentials

  • Register your data processes and data breaches, and store documents (eg. data processing agreements) in one place.
  • Maintain an archive of data processes and data breaches that is easy to access and audit by entity, department, data controller, data processor and more.
  • Identify breach risks and share consolidated reports with stakeholders to accelerate problem resolution.
  • Register data breaches and related reporting to supply to data protection authorities, keep track of notification periods and assign tasks for reporting data breaches to avoid penalties.

Optimise data privacy workflows with Legisway Enterprise

  • Keep track and validate impact analysis for projects that are likely to involve “a high risk” to personal information
  • Identify and calculate risks for data processes
  • Keep track of processes and data ending shelf life
  • Monitor internal processes around data management

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