Whether it is Sales, Procurement, Finance or IT, every department creates, uses and modifies legal data. Keeping this data synchronised, especially when stored in different applications, can be time consuming and prone to error.

Legisway integrates with other applications to empower legal departments and gain full control of all legal processes and data of the business.

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Save time & cost

Focus on legal tasks that matter the most by automating repetitive administrative tasks and providing self-service to other departments.

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Ensure consistency & accuracy

Thanks to APIs and connectors legal data is automatically synchronised across different applications with manual, error-prone data entry being a thing of the past.

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Be a business partner

Produce effective, actionable business intelligence based on a wide array of relevant business sources and applications e.g. Salesforce or Microsoft Dynamics.

Legisway integrates with

Legisway integrated API ecosystem
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What are APIs and connectors?

While an Application Programming Interface (API) is the docking port enabling an application to share data, a connector integrates two applications by utilizing their respective APIs.

By means of APIs and connectors an application can be integrated with multiple other applications creating an automatically synchronised ecosystem with data exchange in a controlled manner.

By automatically retrieving legal data in Legisway from other internal applications, like Salesforce, you streamline and automate legal processes and data exchange, saying good-bye to time-consuming manual work and human errors.

Legisway API Integrations: Technical Overview

The Legisway APIs provide REST services to search, load, update, and delete business data in a Legisway application.

All services are JSON REST services, and require the following headers:

  • "Accept" must be "json/application" for each service that returns a JSON result
  • “Content-Type" must be "json/application" for each service that receives a JSON request
  • "Authorization" must be a bearer token retrieved from the Authentication API

Authentication API - When calling any service of the Legisway APIs, a token that provides the authentication must be provided. This token is a JSON Web Token (JWT), which can be obtained through the authentication API. This token must be sent in the headers of each HTTP request in the Authorization header, following a "Bearer" prefix.

Search API - The Search API provides a service that can search for contents of a specified type. The result is an array of rows. The rows are the extraction of the field and data that match the request for the specified page. The structure of each row depends on the fields that are defined and their internal structure.

Content API - The content API provides REST services to load, update, create, or delete content. Loading a content service loads the content that has the specified ID. It extracts the fields that are specified (or only the "_id", "_title" and "_type" fields when the fields are not specified).

File Transfer API - The File API provides REST services to load and add files in the database. Legisway provides an end-point to list all the files of content and an end-point to download a file. To extract files, the first step is to identify the files that are defined on a content. The ID of the content must be known (usually after a call to the Search API).


Integration Example: Streamlining the Connection Between Legisway and Salesforce

  • Automatically produce Legisway contracts when specific milestones are reached in a Salesforce Opportunity.
  • Instantly establish a matching External Company in Legisway whenever a new Salesforce Account is created.
  • Populate Legisway contract fact sheets with crucial Salesforce Opportunity details such as status, milestone dates, amount, contract type, and the owner of the Salesforce Opportunity.
  • Grant Salesforce users convenient access to Legisway directly from the Salesforce Opportunity interface.
  • Automate the import of Salesforce contract documents into Legisway for efficient management.

Over 1000 legal departments worldwide use Legisway.

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Frequently asked questions

  • What are APIs and what can it do for my legal department?
    API stands for "Application Programming Interface" and it allows different software applications to communicate and share data with each other. In the context of your legal department, an API integration between Legisway and other solutions will help automate and streamline various processes, such as contract generation, negotiation and signing, which can save time and improve efficiency.
  • How do I get started with integrations?
    Schedule a call with our integrations experts today. To prepare for your intake, you can start by answering the following questions:

    1. Which applications or sources do you want to have integrated?
    2. What job needs to be done?
    3. How often does the job need to be done? (make the timeframe small)
    4. How much effort does the job take today? (If possible; how much does it cost?)
    5. What happens, or is the cost, if the job is not done right today?
    6. What data and documents are involved?
  • What happens to my data?
    Your data security is of utmost importance and we help you get it safely from one application and source to another. Using Wolters Kluwer security standards and systems will guarantee your legal information is safe with us. For full security details and other questions, please contact your Legisway Relationship Manager. 
  • Can you also connect with ….?
    Legisway connects with the most relevant applications used in your organization. Salesforce, MS Dynamics 365, Adobe Sign, Docusign, and many other eSignature providers are all available to integrate with. On top of that our Legisway Integration Services can help you realise any integration as long as APIs are available. You can also use the Legisway APIs to build your own integrations to increase the value of your data.
  • What will my investment get me?
    The time saved by integrating Legisway with other applications can directly be translated into valuable cost savings. By automating the flow of data across applications you will also increase the quality and accuracy of data limiting the risk of mistakes from manual entry. The time you save is time you gain for other valuable legal tasks, creating even more value for your investment in the process. 

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