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Healthcare delivery in the United States is rapidly decentralizing, and high-impact medication prescribing decisions are now handed off across different providers, organizations, and systems. A consumer’s presumption of right drug, right person, right time, and right dose is now a highly distributed, often loosely managed, effort.

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As responsibility for a prescribed therapy or therapies is increasingly shared, and consumers’ voices become louder, healthcare providers, health plans, retail pharmacies, and policymakers are rapidly rethinking the entire concept of pharmacy. And top of mind are safety and cost, especially as medicine – and medications – become highly personalized.

Listen to a panel conversation of medical, retail pharmacy, and pharmacogenomics experts - moderated by Wolters Kluwer pharmacogenomics expert Daniel Streetman - unpack the massive shift in healthcare delivery to predict the future of pharmacy. Hear the panelists predict the future of prescribing, and debate surprising new data from a US consumer healthcare survey that foreshadows significant changes in who is entrusted to prescribe medicines as well as the trade-offs consumers will accept to lower drug costs.

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U.S. consumer healthcare survey

Get the executive brief on a new U.S. consumer healthcare survey sponsored by Wolters Kluwer, with insights on how consumers are prioritizing medication costs, the shifting role of pharmacists and clinicians as it pertains to medication management, and an openness to genomic testing for personalized medicine - if it means lowered costs and improved outcomes.

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David Bates, MD Headshot
David Bates, MD, MSc
Internationally renowned expert on patient safety from Brigham and Women’s Hospital and Harvard Medical School
Daniel Knecht Headshot
Daniel Knecht, MD, MBA
Board-certified internist currently leading clinical product innovation, strategy, and solutions at CVS Caremark
Natasha Petry Headshot
Natasha Petry, PharmD, MPH, BCACP
Academic and clinical expert in the implementation of pharmacogenomics, public health, and the role of community and ambulatory pharmacists at Sanford Health and NDSU

Consumer survey key insights

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Consumers who believe many widely used prescription drugs should be available over the counter

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Consumers who believe pharmacists have responsibility for informing them about medication safety and effectiveness

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Consumers who believe their individual genomic information could effectively guide prescription decisions

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