Our commitment to advancing health equity

Wolters Kluwer is committed to supporting health equity and advancing best care through four key tenets: enablers that must work together to make the best care everywhere available to everyone, anywhere, at any time.

Make Decisions Based on Best Evidence

Consistent and trusted evidence must be available at the point of care, point of discovery, point of reference, and point of learning.

Expand Access

People should have access to care and health data regardless of where they live, their ability to access in-person care, or care across healthcare systems.

Tailor Care to Individual Needs

Optimized outcomes for everyone based on their individual situation and needs. Broaden learning to train for inclusion and tap artificial intelligence (AI) for individualized patient engagement.

Ensure Fair & Equitable Health Opportunities (DE&I)

Regardless of social determinants, all people are entitled to equitable health opportunities and resources in order to be healthy and empowered.

Putting our commitment to health equity into practice

Advancing health equity means identifying tactical ways we can support the delivery of safe and equitable care across our health solutions, services, partners, and employees.

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Guiding advances and elevating values of DE&I by recognizing the needs of individuals, and supporting them through language, tools, and approaches.

Presenting to a group

Addressing systemic barriers to equitable care by changing how next-gen clinicians are trained.

Checking the box

Committed to publishing reliable and trustworthy research that is equitable and that does not negatively impact outcomes.

Checking the box

Strengthening our solutions through features, functions and language that are blind to color, ethnicity, and socio-economic status.


Addressing inequities by donating our technologies, solutions, knowledge, and journals to communities and countries in need.


Introducing new thinking on how people can access care regardless of where they live, who they are, their ethnicity, or socio-economic situation.


Creating equal opportunities for our workforce and building on our commitment to DE&I.


Advocating to reduce unconscious bias in research, education, and practice.

Our approach to advancing health equity

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Trust is fundamental: Axis Medical Center is working to bring the best care to underserved populations.
Trust is fundamental: Bringing the Best Care Everywhere to underserved populations

Axis Medical Center in Minneapolis, Minnesota, uses its complimentary subscription to UpToDate to better serve its patient population, which is composed primarily of immigrants and those below the federal poverty level. The team strives to deliver the best care everywhere and build a community of trust with their patients.

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Partnering to advance the best care everywhere

Access to answers in the age of COVID-19

"Delivering more equity and access to healthcare is difficult, but essential. Fortunately, we see new opportunities for innovative thinking and digital health solutions to help advance equitable and inclusive approaches to achieve better health outcomes for all."

Stacey Caywood, CEO, Wolters Kluwer, Health

Expert Insights about diversity and inclusion

Working towards a more equitable future of healthcare

Stuart Fisk
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Health justice for all
See how AHRN Center for Inclusion Health director Stuart Fisk learned to care for marginalized populations — and how Lippincott Clinical Experiences helps your students do likewise.

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