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Laragon is a Spain-based firm providing world-class consulting and system implementation services in the areas of Sustainability, HSE Compliance and Corporate Risk Management. Since 2007, Laragon has partnered with Enablon to help Spanish and Latin American companies reap the full benefits of an integrated CSR and HSE management platform. Laragon also offers comprehensive translation services to help global corporations deploy their Enablon systems worldwide.


  • Green: 2
  • Blue: 4

Enablon Certification Program

The Enablon Certification program recognizes our Internal Team Members, Partner organizations and Clients Team Members that have developed a deep knowledge in the various Enablon software modules. Enablon software projects are implemented most successfully when the project resources are well versed in the product capabilities. Successful projects utilize the core features of the software allowing for faster deployments and maintainable solutions. Enablon recommends that Clients work with Partner resources that are certified on the modules being implemented and raises awareness among its Partners to pass Enablon Certification.

The Enablon Certification program has 4 levels of certification:

  1. Green
  2. Blue
  3. Black
  4. Diamond (Our Highest Level of Certification)

The certification level is dependent upon how many certifications a partner has passed. A higher level if obtained by passing additional certification assessments. The level that a partner obtains indicates the breadth and depth of knowledge.

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