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The Best in KLAS annual report recognizes the best-performing healthcare IT vendors in more than 100 market segments by interviewing thousands of healthcare professionals and using responses to rate innovative software solutions. The goal is to ultimately improve vendor performance and guide healthcare provider buying decisions. Expert solutions from Wolters Kluwer have been recognized by KLAS several times over the past decade in a number of different innovation categories.

2023 Best in KLAS awards

Wolters Kluwer is proud to announce two top recognitions in the 2023 Best in KLAS awards. UpToDate® Patient Engagement ranked Best in KLAS as the top performing Patient Driven Care Management tool in the annual Software and Services report. Sentri7® Clinical Surveillance was recognized as the top solution for Infection Prevention and Monitoring for the second consecutive year.

Best in KLAS: #1 infection control and monitoring

In the 2022 Best in KLAS: Software and Services report, Sentri7 was identified as the category leader for infection control and monitoring for hospitals and health systems. Sentri7’s evidence-based rules and analytics support infection prevention programs by identifying, monitoring, and preventing healthcare-acquired infections, and provide optimized alerts, alleviating the burden on clinicians and prioritizing care.

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Sentri7 Infection Prevention

Best in KLAS: #1 clinical decision support

UpToDate, a leading evidence-based clinical decision support solution for over two million clinicians around the world, has been recognized by KLAS as the category leader for clinical decision support two years in a row. Expertly updated with new clinical evidence, UpToDate supports clinical decision making at the point of care and standardizes care across health systems, providing consistency and reducing costs.

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UpToDate Suite

Best in KLAS: #1 clinical decision support – surveillance

Sentri7® Clinical Surveillance has been recognized by KLAS as the category leader in clinical decision support-surveillance three times, most recently in 2017. By leveraging EHR data to drive continuous improvement, clinicians can make better, safer, and more optimized decisions for high-risk patients.

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