Health07 juni, 2021

Building a data-driven hospital opioid stewardship program

COVID-19 has intensified the need for opioid stewardship programs. Last year marked the highest number of opioid-related deaths. Acute care hospitals with well-designed opioid stewardship programs can help address this issue. Hospitals without these programs may face barriers to implementation that include lack of resources, physician engagement and access to the data required to identify and report performance improvements.  
Hospitals must be at the center of the response. While regulations and policies have targeted aspects of outpatient care, inpatient pharmacy teams play a key role in improving opioid use and championing a hospital-based opioid stewardship program to comply with The Joint Commission's standards.  
Now is the time to empower your hospital pharmacy to become leaders by optimizing clinical practice around pain management. In this webinar, we will review opioid stewardship program best practices, identify challenges that have slowed adoption of these practices, and the role AI-powered technology can play to tap and normalize the data required, including real-time morphine milligram equivalents, to build a data-driven program.

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Rich Dion PharmD
Pharmacy Clinical Program Manager

Dr. Richard Dion has 15 years of experience in the practice areas of medication use safety, pharmacy informatics and clinical decision support in varied settings.

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