Our best-in-class Title Management is built for ease

With one platform to manage your entire lending portfolio, you can easily maintain both paper titles and electronic titles for the lifecycle of the finance agreement. You have easy access to what you need, when you need it.

Support for every step of title management

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Electronic Lien and Title (ELT) storage

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Title release (ELT and paper)

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Request paper title

What’s needed for ongoing motor vehicle lien management?

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Maintaining both electronic titles and paper titles securely

As DMV requirements change, we know that vehicle titles need to be maintained, and we have the capability to manage them in a streamlined way. You’re able to store both electronic titles and paper titles safely and maintain easy access to them in our title management system.
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Releasing titles effortlessly

The end of a loan comes with its own demands that can be a burden to your workflow. With iLien Motor Vehicle, you’re able to release even large volumes of titles quickly and effectively, increasing your organization’s productivity.
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Improved efficiency

With our API, customers can effortlessly access titles and request title release right from their own system. 


  • How can I remove my interest in a title?
    A title release can be performed in the appropriate jurisdiction. This can be done for both ELT and paper titles. Lien Solutions can support the release of large quantities of titles all at once.
  • How do I handle states where both paper and electronic titles are used?
    Some states offer ELT without mandating it. In those states, you may use either paper or electronic titles, and Lien Solutions can help with either. It’s also important to keep up with frequent changes as more states adopt and/or mandate ELT. 
  • How can I retrieve a title from storage, or get a paper version of an electronic title?
    You can submit a request for paper title. iLien Motor Vehicle’s options for storage of paper and electronic titles make it easy to access titles whenever you need them.

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Lien Solutions Professional Services
Lien Solutions professional services  offers iLien Motor Vehicle system API integration for seamless transfer of data between iLien and your internal systems. Save time and prevent keying errors in processing lien adds, requesting duplicate titles, and completing VIN searches. 
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