Customer success story

A car refinance broker accomplished:
20% more efficient process
15% fewer data entry errors
3x business growth in nine months
Two weeks and one dedicated resource required to implement
iLien Motor Vehicle APIs

With iLien Motor Vehicle APIs, you transfer data between iLien and your current systems so your data stays within the same environment while accomplishing key tasks:

  • Title processing API is a platform for creating estimates and fulfilling transactions like lien adds, duplicate titles, etc. The title processing API supports new jurisdictional changes without the need to implement new code.
  • Title management API is a platform for creating, managing, and deleting lien title records, vaulting/storing titles, and releasing titles.
  • Real-time estimates API is a platform for creating tax and fee estimates prior to funding a loan.

Once integrated, use your existing LOS to define your workflows and make changes as necessary.

API benefits
  • Increased workflow automation
  • Productivity gains from more efficient process
  • Seamless integration of data between your applications and iLien Motor Vehicle
  • Reduction of cost-to-serve (vs. using a standalone application)
  • Reduction of errors from manual re-keying
  • Work in familiar system/user interface while leveraging iLien in the background
  • Improved user experience and reduced training time
  • Straightforward implementation


Download our datasheet to learn about the simple, 3-step implementation process and testing environments available.

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