Salud24 mayo, 2021

How a clinician-friendly approach to NLP produces results that make a difference

While there is no shortage of data generated in the healthcare industry, being able to easily leverage the valuable insights captured in that data is a challenge for most.

Natural language processing (NLP) technology has been introduced to help automate the medical record review process; however, traditional NLP methods simply spit out a long list of “findings” requiring the user to comb through and identify what is relevant – still a time consuming, manual process.

Instead, what’s needed is a clinician-friendly, clinically tuned NLP solution that can ask the user, what are you trying to solve for, and then has the intelligence to search appropriately and simply present the answer.

Read our latest whitepaper on clinical natural language processing to learn more about:

  • How clinically-tuned NLP technology can provide the augmented intelligence to optimize daily workflows
  • Which stakeholders benefit most from leveraging clinical NLP
  • Key use-cases where cNLP can quickly make an impact
  • How to get started with evaluating and implementing clinical NLP in your own organization
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Health Language Clinical Natural Language Processing
Automate the review of unstructured data, extract clinically relevant data, and codify extracted data to industry standards.
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